• 5 Star Google Review: D. Delango

"My case has just closed. This was my first ever involvement in any type of lawsuit. I started searching for what to do after my frustrations of a wrongful credit report was becoming impossible to resolve. These guys walked me through every step. I had to take the time to come on here and validate all of their professionalism, empathy & expertise they carry in their careers. My credit has been cleared of any wrongful reports and I was compensated for the time and negative impacts it caused. Any first step seems scary-yet this firm never rushed me or ever hesitated to provide me with any and every explanation I needed. Thank you!"

  • 5 Star Google Review: K. Arora

"I hired Brett and James after many attorneys could not help me. They made my complex situation effortless and stress free. You can blindly trust them with your case. This is the best law firm to work with! Thank you to this amazing law firm."

  • 5 Star Google Review: K. Rose

"Brett and James did a great job of helping me get my credit fixed and getting me compensated in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend them to your friends and family!!!"

  • 5 Star Google Review: S. Williams

"I highly recommend Sherman & Ticchio PLLC!! Brett and James go above and beyond for their clients. They are highly knowledgeable and experienced. They are able to put you at ease and explain anything you are not aware of. I am very grateful for both Brett and James and everything they do."

  • 5 Star Google Review: C. Goldmunzer

"It was a great experience working with Brett and James. They were extremely thorough and they paid attention to all the details of the case. They have exceeded all my expectations."

  • 5 Star Google Review: S. Schwartz

"Expertise, knowledgeable, and execution is how I describe Sherman & Ticchio. I have worked with Brett and James on a few occasions to receive consult and help in cleaning up my credit reports and removing incorrect and disputed credit information. They provided expert guidance and handled the matter quickly and effectively with all parties. Communication was fantastic. Highly recommend."

  • 5 Star Google Review: A. Alvaro

"I'm very happy about the results from the team over at Sherman & Ticchio. I was awarded a settlement because of some inaccuracies and discrepancies in my credit report. Quick turn around time and extremely professional team to be represented by. Thank you again guys!"

  • 5 Star Google Review: E. Cruz

"Sherman & Ticchio PLLC are the most professional team you could have on your side. They care about their clients, and go above & beyond to execute/produce results. In addition, I have never met [lawyers] that are so responsive and in top of their game. If you want individuals that are going to give you 110% then Sherman & Ticchio PLLC is a no brainer."

  • 5 Star Google Review: Ariana Caragliano - Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

"I reached out to Brett and James when I hit a dead end with the credit card reporting companies. They provided me with a consultation (that both attended) and explained to me what my rights were. I immediately signed with them, as I felt confident that they would have my best interests in mind. They were fair and told me exactly what to expect. All credit reporting companies settled and my credit was repaired. I could not have done it without Brett or James. Additionally, I would like to add, that they were patient, thorough, and extremely responsive. I highly recommend them. They are definitely a dynamic duo!"

  • 5 Star Google Review: M. Abreu

"This firm is the real deal! James/Brett worked hard on my case and I received a prompt and satisfactory settlement. They were excellent at communicating with me on the process from start to finish. Any questions I had they cleared up for me. I have had bad experiences with shady (divorce) attorneys in the past but James/Brett proved that there are still some excellent attorneys willing to communicate with you and fight for your rights. I absolutely would recommend them to anyone needing representation. You will not be disappointed!"

  • 5 Star Google Review:  Andy G

"If you ever wondered what a law firm that puts their clients first before anything else looks like, this is what it looks like right here. Not only was Mr. Sherman was absolutely wonderful in handling my situation, he also kept me aware of everything that was going on. Highly experienced Attorneys that will fight for you until the very end, thank you for everything Sherman & Ticchio!!"

  • 5 Star Google Review: J. Lawless

"I cannot say enough about Brett & James. Both of these gentlemen were exceptionally professional, intimately concerned, and remarkably responsive. I am greatly appreciative and extremely satisfied with their work, their communications, and my outcome. I highly recommend that you contact and retain Brett Sherman & James Ticchio. You will not be disappointed!"

  • 5 Star Google Review: M. D'Angelo 

"If I could give 10 stars I would. James and Brett are phenomenal lawyers. From beginning to end the entire process was so smooth. They took me through the case, answering any questions that I had, and they are so responsive and quick on emails. I couldn't have had better representation."

  • 5 Star Google Review: E. Davis

"I tried for nearly a year to correct reporting errors in my credit report independently. I even filed a complaint with the consumer financial protection bureau without a bit of luck. After doing some research, I called Sherman & Ticchio, who were highly professional from the onset. They were very transparent and forthcoming. I felt comfortable during our initial call; they answered all my questions. Their follow-up kept me on track and focused on the outcome. They worked extremely hard for the successful outcome obtained and kept me updated on the case's progress. With all that said, I highly recommend their legal services."

  • 5 Star Google Review: C. Lipsay - Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

"James Ticchio and Brett Sherman handled my case with the utmost professionalism and obtained an outstanding outcome of my case. Thanks to Sherman & Tichhio, my credit scores are now once again excellent. I highly recommend Sherman & Ticchio to anyone with inaccurate information on their credit reports."

  • 5 Star Google Review: C. Fernandez - Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

"Firm partners Brett Sherman and James Ticchio were very knowledgeable, reliable and immensely responsive in their communications with me. Specifically, my conversations with Brett were always pleasant, transparent and full of useful information. Thank you, Brett, for your straight forwardness and honesty with regard to the status of my issue. And thanks for the diligent effort you both put forth in helping me navigate through complex legal terrain and figure out realistic legal options for me."

  • 5 Star Google Review: M. D'Oro - Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

"Very thorough review of my case information, positive feedback leading to a fast resolution for me.
Would definitely recommend these attorneys."

  • 5 Star Google Review: M. Connery, Jr. - Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

"Brett and James are consummate professionals with vast experience in the field of credit reporting. I feel a genuine sense of interest from them to repair my unfairly damaged credit reports, based on improper reporting from banks concerning my mortgages during the pandemic forbearance period. The communication has been excellent, and I expect the outcome to be the same.I highly recommend the firm of Sherman & Ticchio."

  • 5 Star Google Review: F. Anthony - Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

"Sherman & Ticchio PLLC under the leadership of Brett Sherman is an excellent law firm that represents the best interest of each and every client. Brett is an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer who gets the job done seeking the best results for his client base. His distinguished career is notable and I would highly recommend his firm's services to those seeking legal representation in his area of expertise."

  • 5 Star Google Review: S. Kornbluth - Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

"From the moment I spoke with Brett Sherman & James Ticchio I knew I had quality representation. They listen, they understand; And know their profession. Unlike other firms that State credit repair, Brett and James go after the bully pulpit credit bureaus that harm innocent consumers. These fine young lawyers will fight for their clients, treat them with respect, and make credit reporting agencies PAY for their deceit."

  • 5 Star Google Review: J. Kostulas
  • 5 Star Google Review:  M. Burke
"I had an issue with the credit agencies that involved a controversial report that could not be resolved in the legal manner that I sought. Mr Brett Sherman took a long time and explained the hurtles and delved into the 'Fair Credit Reporting Act' to explain where I was wrong. Mr Sherman educated me and offered an alternative approach to my problem and gave an agency contact link. I thank him for this."
  • 5 Star Google Review: M. Castro - Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

"James Ticchio and Brett Sherman provided an extremely high level of service. Their professionalism and responsiveness truly made us feel like we were a top priority. They are both attentive listeners and were able to quickly understand the nature of our issues that required their expertise. Moreover, they handled us with kindness, concern and efficiency. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of help in their field of specialty."

  • 5 Star Google Review: R. Sarder - Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
  • 5 Star Google Review: T. Cohen

"Brett is extremely helpful. I reached out with a few questions about credit and debt and he answered them right there on the phone. Fantastic service from an upstanding business."

  • 5 Star Google Review: M. King

"James and his partners are beyond exceptional. There are open with their knowledge, definitely work a as team to help you win. Their instructions for you to do your part so they can do your part is very practical and simple to follow through. Very professional and will answer all your calls and or emails. I am recommending a line of people for their services. Thank you once again. I wish I can give 6 Stars."

  • 5 Star Google Review: N. Forsa

"Contacted James Ticchio & Sherman, to consult about [an] unauthorized inquiry that was made without my knowledge. They were very helpful and responsive in their communication. I do really appreciate their assistance. I definitely recommend Sherman & Ticchio, to anyone [that] has [a] similar case."

  • 5 Star Google Review: B. Hall

"I had a[n] unauthorized Verizon account on my credit report. I tried a few credit repair companies to get it remove[d] none of them were successful. I contacted Sherman & Ticchio PLLC they got the account remove[d] on the first try I was very happy. I recommend these lawyers 100%"

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